Hello my name is Kurt Hummel! Fashion major at NYU. I am a 19 year old Ohio native and an only child. One day my fashion line will be featured in VOGUE, just wait and see.

Reunion || Klaine

The plane ride had been gruesome. There was turbulence and children crying and it was enough to make Kurt tense and frustrated but the moment the plane landed his happy mood was back. He missed Blaine, the couple of days they had been apart were enough to drive him, and his father, mad. Texts weren’t enough. They hadn’t kissed since the night in the club and it put him on edge wondering if maybe he wasn’t a very good kisser. 

The cabbie gave Kurt a weird look at his obvious giddiness but Kurt brushed it away. Giving a quick goodbye along with a tip, Kurt tried not to make it obvious that he was almost running to his dorm. Once he was in front of his dorm, Kurt took a moment to refix his hair and smooth down his clothes before knocking.

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    theblaine—anderson: Kurt pressed a soft kiss to Blaine’s lips before relaxing against his boyfriend. “This is perfect.”...
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    "I like this movie," Blaine said, pulling Kurt a little closer. "I don’t mind watching it if you don’t. But if you feel...