Hello my name is Kurt Hummel! Fashion major at NYU. I am a 19 year old Ohio native and an only child. One day my fashion line will be featured in VOGUE, just wait and see.

Moment Like This || Klaine

Kurt pressed a soft kiss to the warm skin on Blaine’s neck. It seemed his bed had been less and less slept in as he found Blaine’s chest a far better pillow. Blue eyes fluttered open, a lazy smile tugging on Kurt’s face as more of Blaine came into view. “Babe,” He mumbled groggily. “We have to get up.” Sleeping in was never something Kurt did not even when he had the time, much rather finding himself indulging in extra time to do his face routine but the solid feel of Blaine next to him was always enough for him to push for just a few more minutes. 

Cold toes pressed into the warm fabric of the sheets as he cocked his head up to press a lazy kiss to Blaine’s lips. “Let me take you to lunch.” He murmured as Blaine began to wake. “I do believe it’s my turn to treat my boyfriend to a date.”

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    Blaine’s brow furrowed slightly at Kurt’s words. It sounded like he was about to say something else Something that...
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    theblaine—anderson: Kurt couldn’t believe how perfect Blaine was sometimes. All those days he spent hating him and this...